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R104 Pelindaba Brits Magisterial District

Public Safety Information Forum

The Pelindaba Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) was established by Necsa, according to the Department of Minerals and Energy Regulation No 26112 as promulgated in the Government Gazette of 12th March 2004,  as part of the National Nuclear Regulatory Act No.47 of 1999 as a holder of a nuclear license.

It is required that such meetings are held on a quarterly basis with the members of the community that live within a radius of 5km from the nuclear reactor, but Necsa extends invitations to neighbouring residents, such as Atteridgeville that is 15 km away.

The Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are independently appointed by the NNR, with Necsa as license holder providing the secretariat for the meeting. The main objective of this forum is to facilitate interaction with community members and keep stakeholders informed on safety matters. These meetings are scheduled every quarter, on Saturday mornings at the Necsa Visitor Centre, in terms of the above regulation.

Meetings are advertised in two local newspapers, Tshwane Sun and Kormorant as well as on social media. Positive growth in the numbers of attendees continued in the past years.

In future, Necsa will consider utilising the PSIF as a communication tool within the Group’s broader outreach communication mix and develop a practical communication and stakeholder engagement action plan for taking the PSIF to the next level. This will include a structure plan to utilise social media, video clips and online communications to drive interest and improve the effectiveness of the PSIF. The media will also be invited to attend and write articles about the PSIF.

On 11 November 2017 a new chairperson, Mr Ephraim Makofane and deputy chairperson, Ms Judith Taylor, took the reins for the new term of two years. The objective is to reach out to the youth from the different communities around Necsa.

Vaalputs Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF)

The Vaalputs PSIF is still active and attended by members of Necsa on a quarterly basis. These meetings serve as information sessions where attendees receive information regarding nuclear, with a strong focus on the safety aspects. This valuable information is shared with the communities during their monthly meetings.


968-08 Regulations in Terms of Section 47 read with 26(4) to Inform Persons of Emergency Plan

Emergency Procedure


Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) Meeting – 10 November 2018

PSIF Minutes 10 November 2018

Please note the upcoming Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) Meeting taking place on the 2nd March 2019.

Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) Meeting – 1 September 2018

PSIF Minutes 01 September 2018

Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) Meeting – 9 June 2018

PSIF Minutes 09 June 2018

Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) Meeting – 10 March 2018

PSIF Minutes 10 March 2018 

Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) Meeting – 11 November 2017

PSIF Minutes 11 November 2017

Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) Meeting – 16 September 2017

PSIF Minutes 16 September 2017

Public Safety Information Forum (PSIF) Meeting – 4 March 2017

PSIF Minutes 04 March 2017